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Utah, Fall Is The Time To Prevent Winter Invasion

Fall is Time to Prevent Winter Invasion

Carl Brahe

As weather gets colder creatures begin to look for warmer places to live. People’s homes can be easy to move into. Bugs, rodents, birds and reptiles mainly use the same entry routes as rain, snow, heat/cold. If all these entry routes are sealed using proper materials and construction techniques, a healthier, warmer/cooler, drier, more pest free environment is created.

Fall Maintenance Check List

EXTERIOR – Seal all holes and cracks – Foundation – Siding – Window frames – Doors frames – Soffits

VENTS & SCREENS – Screen and clean vents –  Clean dryer vent – Screen crawlspace vents – Never screen vents for gas or wood burning appliances or plumbing – Repair or replace window and door screens

ROOF & GUTTERS – Check roof flashings – Clean insect and bird nests from roof eaves and soffits – Clean debris from roof and gutters – Make sure gutters drain properly and are in good repair – Make sure downspouts are in good repair and directed away from foundation

CHIMNEY – Clean, maintain and repair chimney – Install spark arrestor and/or damper if needed – Make sure chimney is water tight

LANDSCAPE – Remove access to siding and roof from trees and other plants too close to building – Make sure the earth is no closer than 6” to your siding – Watch for mounds of dirt or mud tubes that provide safe passage for ants and termite – Remove decaying plant material from around building

DRAINAGE – Make sure all runoff, including from dripping hose faucets, is directed away from foundation – Make sure runoff drains from your property to an appropriate place

ATTIC – Check attic for water penetration – Check for condensation in attic – Check for vents from bath, kitchen & laundry ending in attic – Uninsulated heat or AC ducts – No insulation in ceiling or vapor barrier reversed

KITCHEN – Check for ventilation kitchen, baths and laundry – Check caulking and grout in baths, and kitchen – Check for plumbing leaks under sinks

INDOOR PLANTS – Does condensation form on windows after watering plants?

BASEMENT & CRAWLSPACE – Is your crawlspace or basement dry? – Repair or install moisture barrier in crawlspace – Install crawlspace ventilation if needed – Install sump pump and underground drainage system if needed – Install or repair insulation where appropriate

To prevent entry of pests of all kinds seal all entry points. Use appropriate sealing agents. Caulking comes in a variety of formulas for various uses. Ask at your local hardware store if you have any doubt about which is best. New products are constantly being released. Your hardware store worker should know the best and latest product for any specific use.

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